About Us

We Provide Education to Children In Need


Tiempos de Bondad is a nonprofit foundation based in Switzerland with ambassadors representing the foundation and volunteer communities in different countries in Latin America. We believe education is key to sustainable development and our mission is to provide free and quality educational programs to Children in need in Latin America.

Tiempos means time, which represents the most valuable resources you can gift us with. With us, you can donate your time and knowledge as a volunteer to touch lives – one child at a time.

Our Story

How It All Started

Growing up in the underprivileged area of Sosua, Puerto Plata founder Willy Hobal, experienced the struggles low income families go through to put food on their tables, send children to schools or pay for learning materials. At age 9, Willy started working to help his parents take care of certain home needs. He would use the money gotten from cleaning houses and shoes in the street to take care of his family and also pay for the English course he was studying. This experience shaped Willy’s life and inspired his dreams of setting up a foundation that would help others going through the same situation he endured as a kid.

In June 2020, Willy’s dream came true. He launched Tiempos de Bondad Foundation. A nonprofit organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland as his own little way of reaching out to children in Latin America countries and providing them with free and quality educational programs. 

What We Do

In Tiempos de Bondad Foundation, we believe that the education of children and young adults is key to sustainable development of the countries they live in. Our mission is to be a catalyst of change in Latin America countries and transform the lives of children through free and quality education. 

We intend to achieve our mission by collaborating and supporting local school systems to provide free educational programs, school supplies, online teaching and school transportation to children and teenagers from kindergarten to last year of secondary studies. Our educational programs are focused on helping children gain mastery and have a strong foundation in all subjects and focus. We will also be providing public speaking programs with the aim of sharing knowledge to community members on diverse topics concerning finance, entrepreneurship and empowerment programs hosted by local professionals.

Big Challenge, Ambitious Goals

To give children and young adults the opportunity to learn,  Tiempos De Bondad Foundation is focused on providing educational programs and school supplies to over 500 children per month.

Achieving this goal won’t be easy. But with your support as a volunteer, we can make it possible.

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Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide Education to Children in Need

Charity for Education

Join us in collaborating with local school systems to provide educational programs to over 30 million children lacking basic education in Latin America.

Learning Materials and Transportation

With your help, we can provide school supplies and school transportation to 500 children per month. 

Empowerment Public Speaking Programs

Every year we are extending our educational programs to adults and sharing knowledge, Inspiration and motivation through public speaking events.